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StoryWriter & SongWriter

WELCOME to my site.
In this site you'll see the creative expressions of me as a storywriter and a songwriter. It is my best intention to spur the interest of most of you out there. Understandingly like any art form, creativity is very subjective, there will be followers and those that will take the exit door to it all. Nevertheless feel free to browse around the site, check things out and if you're up to it, take some time to contact me and let me know about my creativity.

​As a STORYWRITER I engage in writing short fiction stories. I write in the category of young adult within the genres of Action_adventure, Thriller, Fantasy and General Literary as well as dabbling in children stories.

As a SONGWRITER, I write both lyrics and the music. The genre I cover is popular music and this can be further sub catagorize as pop rock, dance music, and even electronica..​

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